Nersten Services Ltd

...Safeguarding Lives and assets

Nerstenservices Ltd plays in the oil and gas/Marine sector. our capabilities in all our areas of interest are endless. We pride ourselves as professionals and are always willing to go the extra mile for our client. Our most cherished assets are our people. We all know that building client trust is the ultimate to our venture, without which we would not exist.

Good customer references build our goodwill, which we have achieved by performing consistently and desirably.

We conduct our operations through the efficient and optimal use of materials and energy with minimum waste and damage to the environment.

We take HSE issues personal. All incidents can be prevented and we continuously strive for zero accidents to personnel, materials and the environment.

We have the ability to anticipate what the client needs and profer solutions to them. We also have Ventures in Engineering works and Construction.

We welcome you to a tour on our web....

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